Call for entries 2006

Submit your creations in one of the following categories :
3D product presentation (e-commerce),
(3D Virtual Visit),
Rich Media / Entertainment,
Deadline for 2006 edition : 31th october 2006.

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Submission Form

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Category 3D product presentation

Rich Media / Entertainment,

Mobile 3D
By entering into the prize, entrants will be deemed to have read and agreed to abide by these conditions :
Remember that the Golden Polygon Awards (GPA) seek to recognise the achievement of interactive & realtime 3D. To be eligible the entrant must be the team or individual primarily responsible for the submited content. The only exception to this are the 3D contents from 3d-test "Site of the week".
Entry restriction: GPA reserve the right, at its discretion, to ignore a project. All contents should complete the technichal requirements. Submissions containing language or behaviour deemed to be offensive by GPA will be automatically disqualified.
Entry contents: Entrants must respond to the criteria set for each category they enter, and supply all the required information. Entrants garantee the validity of the submited informations. Make sure that the URL is valid until 31th decembre 2006. Please contact GPA if the URL change.
Vote: The results of the Golden Polygon Awards 2006 are public in mid. december 2006. Winners will be notified by email. A jury composed of 3D professionnals votes for the winners (from a list of nominated contents made by the GPA non profit organization)
Prize: Golden Polygon non profit organization is not be responsible of any problems in prize attribution, sending, loading. 2006 edition Prizes : WireFusion Enterprise 4.0, Virtools Dev 3.0, TurntoolBox, Subdo Edition 1.0.
Ceremony: By submiting your content, you allow the 3D content to be shown at any Golden Polygon Events.You can be asked to provide an executable version of the content (html + Java, exe file, vrml...).


Technichal Requirements

"Web3D" : 3d contents diffused on the internet.
The 3D engine/player (ActiveX / Java Applet / Java Web Start) must be compatible
at least with the following hardware and software configurations :
- Min. Software : Internet Explorer / Windows XP
- Min. Hardware PIV / Ge Force 4

Be carefull : .Exe, flash file, pre-render 3D are not eligible for Golden Polygon!
*The URL must be valid until dec 2006. Please contact Golden Poloygon for any change.
Mobile 3D Requirements : Contact Us.

For any information :


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